Elite Service Group consistently provides the best care in servicing all you building maintenance needs and repairs, offering cost effective programs and projects delivered with adhering to timely deadlines. We work closely with our clients to design preventative maintenance programs so your business flow remains uninterrupted while looking exceptional and fortifying your productivity results. Our team of elite professionals offers superior methods and system practices in corporate service maintenance and has fostered recognition for our elite service excellence.


Honing extensive experience in commercial custodial work, we facilitate a full range of sanitary best practices. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment and image appeal. Elite Service Group provides professional cleaning and maintenance services for any size of office, clinic, building, factory, retailer, restaurant, school, gym, etc.

General Cleaning

Many shared, high traffic areas and surfaces substantiate to hold and harvest harmful bacteria and germs, which if not treated properly can multiply rapidly causing widespread upon contact. Common areas include: lavatories, kitchens, cafeterias, counters, locker rooms, showers, floors, machinery and equipment, door handles, light switches, phones, among many others. Elite Service Group maintains healthy and thoroughly sanitized working conditions using quality products that are environmentally friendly. In turn, potential outbreak is minimized and productivity is increased.

Dusting & Ceiling Cleaning

We specialize in high dusting, wall cleaning, open ceiling and cleaning of exposed ductwork, which perpetuate the downpour and spreading of dust throughout your space. Revive the appearance of your ceiling, eliminate odours, and improve acoustics without the use of paint, which can be harmful to breathe as well as trap dirt and mould in between layers. We also remove dust and mould build up from light fixtures, beams, wires, and pipes and any visible but hard to reach place.

Window Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness of windows adds pristine value to your business or residential property, which can attract clients to you. How you maintain the exterior of your property often transcends a formulated impression of how you manage the interior and contents of your property. Our team of professionals will add a touch of shine and luster to certify you look your best and hold curb appeal.

Interior Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

Elite Service Group uses innovative equipment, products and techniques involved in steam cleaning and carpet extraction for all your interior upholstery, carpet and area rug maintenance. Stains, odours, and dinginess are quickly and safely eliminated leaving your floor or furniture looking brand new. Upholstered and carpeted areas can form a breeding ground for dust, mould and bacteria to exist if not maintained regularly. Commercial grade machinery and eco-green cleaning solutions provide allergen free zones making it safe for contact especially among children and pets.

Sign & Awning Cleaning

Proper cleaning and maintenance of signage and awning will increase character, functionality and appearance to your home or business. We specialize in cleaning and restoration of surfaces including: canvas, metal, vinyl, wood, glass, acrylic, Plexiglas, and metal. Regular cleaning regimes will actually increase the longevity of your signage or awning and prolong the need for replacement. Our team also specializes in new commercial LED retrofits, and in new project design from beginning to completion.


Our designated team of landscape designers and professionals customize commercial and residential property facility tailored to suit your needs and expectations. Elite Service Group offers creative design layouts specializing in concrete, flagstone, lawn care, water features, and foliage incorporating architectural components and focal points throughout your property.

Biohazard Waste Removal

Elite Service Group is equipped with the right team to properly handle any biohazard waste disposal service you may require. Our knowledgeable skilled staff will ensure your property is safe, sanitary and contamination free.